Last Minute Vacations In Texas

If you are planning a trip to Texas the next month or the next week and do not really know where you must start from, there is nothing for you to worry at all. Texas serves as home to bustling cities, charming small villages and towns, farmlands galore and national parks. These are some of the best options that you can explore for your taste of the perfect getaway. Some of the most interesting ideas for last minute vacations in Texas are as follows:

Taking A Trip In Time In San Antonio

San Antonio is a place located in South-Central Texas and it is one of the most important cities in Texas. It is home to some of the most popular historical landmarks. One of the best places that you can visit in San Antonio is San Antonio River walk which is sometimes quaint and sometimes bustling. It is the best place for dining, bar hopping and shopping in Texas.

Brenham in Texas boasts of being the headquarter for the world popular Bluebell ice-cream factory. This charming and impressive town located between Houston and Austin provides some great Texas fun along with breathtaking landscape.

Brenham in Texas brags of being the headquarter for the world famous Bluebell dessert industrial facility. This enchanting and amazing town situated amongst Houston and Austin gives some incredible Texas fun alongside stunning scene.

Brenham in Texas brags of being the headquarter for the world common Bluebell dessert modern office. This flabbergasting and astounding town arranged among Houston and Austin gives some inconceivable Texas fun nearby dazzling scene.

Beautiful And Breathtaking Texas Vacation Spots

The countryside bustles with wildflowers and it also has some beautiful dairy farms, state parks and golf courses. If you are in the lookout of places or Texas vacation spots for scenery and beautiful views then probably you are in luck. This is because Texas is one of the few places in the world that are filled with deserts, canyons, forests, hills and oceans. In short, Texas has everything considered natural and elegant. There are wildflowers blooming during spring and leaves changing their colors in winter. There is actually no real time considered perfect for a visit to Texas. Some of the most beautiful and the strikingly wonderful Texas vacation spots include:

Enchanted Rock

The Enchanted Rock is located in the Hill County and it is one of the top destinations in Texas. It is one of the easiest hikes for people and offers beautiful views atop. The rock stands 425 feet tall and is pink in color. It provides the perfect scope for hiking and stargazing.


Austin is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Texas. It is the music destination of the country and is popularly known for its world class music festivals like South by Southwest and Austin City Limits. However, considering the beauty point of view, Austin is a yea round travel destination for vacationers in Texas.

Hidden Hill County

West of Austin and lying deep in the heart of Texas lies Hidden Hill County featuring small towns of lakes and rivers, two-lane roads, cypress trees, good pie and scenic highways. Here you can enjoy the weather all year round and even have some fun kayaking down the Medina River. Read more at

Best Beaches In Texas Serving As Texas Vacation Spots

There are very few people who are aware of the fact that Texas possesses some of the greatest beaches. The beaches in Texas are best for skim boarders. So skim boarders can have their skim boards ready and all waxed up to hit the beach waves this summer. The beaches in Texas are not only perfect for the skim boarders but overall they have a beauty that is incomparable to the beaches found in other parts of the world. We will have a look at some of the best beaches in Texas below:

Padre Island National Seashore or Corpus Christi

This huge beach is located off of Padre Island and in 70 miles in length. It is one of the best places for skim boarders. The beach is not very well developed but the nature here is available in enormous amount. The beach also boasts of having some great sand and dunes. It is also one of the most famous places for windsurfing.

Port Aransas or Mustang Island

This is an island just lying in the south eastern side of Corpus Christi and it boasts of some of the greatest beaches and some of the most interesting landscapes. This is an 18 metre long island and it appears like a strip of bacon when viewed from a plane.


For people living in Texas and even in the surrounding areas, Corpus Christi is one of the most popular beaches. With summer just round the corner, Texas would serve as the perfect vacation spot for people across the world. Read more at